Happy New Years

With a terrible 2020 in mind, I think it's a pretty fair bet that 2021 can only bring better times (if any aliens are listening in, please don't invade until 2022 so the bars can reopen).

I'm happy that you're following and supporting us, and I hope you'll follow our journey into the new year as well – we've got a host of exciting news and developments. Here's the short version:

Even though much of the world has stood still this year, Arcanaut has seen a flurry of activity. Mostly, of course, with our new project, The ARC II D'ARC Matter (DM), our first piece to be truly born in the home country, and with breakthroughs in materials and manufacturing going along with it. But we also got wonderful reinforcements this year – James Thompson (Black Badger) has joined as part-owner and will bring his magnificent knowledge, skills, and network to bear to make our watches even better.

And now for the extended version:

ARC II – Made in Denmark

If one of the billions of things that can go wrong don't go wrong, 2021 will see the launch of ARC II - DM, the next stage of our quest for a truly Scandinavian watch brand.

The ARC II - DM (as well as all our future models) will be made and assembled in Denmark, with most parts and materials sourced from Nordic countries.

Moving production to Denmark ensures that we have full flexibility in and control over manufacturing and design. Making small-batch productions not only frees us from the restraints of economies of scale, but also yields huge design advantages from working so closely with all our manufacturers. Great ideas don't just come from a pen and paper. They appear when you get your hands dirty, doing small experiments (f#ck ups) repeatedly, until you have something that sticks.

With the ARC II - DM, we will also unveil a composite material of our own making – which means we get to name it, and thus D'ARC Matter is born – to create a design that is entirely unique while still being understated and Scandinavian. The material is the product of putting Swedish slate stone through an industrial coffee grinder and then cast in a vacuum chamber to form a solid block of material that can then be machined into dials.

As a fusion of Danish design, the finest Nordic craftsmanship, quick-witted innovation and new exciting materials, the ARC II - DM is shaping up to be something out of the ordinary.

Not too shabby for a country 🇩🇰 that hasn't won a war for 250 years, right?

All of this combined will give you an experience that will not only surpass what we did with the ARC I, but will be something entirely different from anything any other brands are doing right now. In case you didn't know, we're all about that at Arcanaut.

But if you're getting all fired up about what we're up to, and I hope you are, you probably need to be quick if you want a piece of the action. We're not that big on scale at Arcanaut. We want to make sure we deliver the absolute best product possible, which is also why The ARC II D'ARC Matter series will be limited to only 50 pieces, with expected delivery at the end of Q1 2021 or the beginning of Q2.

And there's more bad news for the slowpokes: Out of those 50 pieces, over half are already reserved, with a waiting list growing quickly day by the day.

If you don't want to miss out, I recommend putting yourself on the list now:


Gunning for Thompson

Years of courtship (and lots of beer) ended when James Thompson from Black Badger finally took our offer to become part owner and join Arcanaut as a real part of the company. Good thing our bar tab didn't run out or all the bars were closed down before that.

We've known James for years now and worked with him before – you might even say a part of his soul is already embedded in our watches, since he developed and helped design the Lumicast parts on the ARC I dial, and helped shape the design of the ARC I in several other ways.

James is going to have a big part in shaping and developing future Arcanaut pieces and moving the brand forward, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it. He also plays a big part in our future strategy to become more self-sustainable. His knowledge of manufacturing, exotic materials, and design of high-end timepieces will ensure we deliver outstanding and innovative wrist experiences.

2021 – D'ARC matter, bright future

We're laser-focused on getting ARC II - D'ARC Matter made and delivered to all of you guys out there who love well-crafted watches as much as we do.

But talk is cheap. We are working day and night on prototypes to unveil in January, to give the world a good look at the ARC II D'ARC Matter.

However, ARC II - D'Arc Matter is only the beginning. The new watch is meant to kickstart a whole new lineup of pieces to be revealed and launched throughout the year.

Our main goal is still to create a truly high-quality Nordic watch brand built upon a understated yet distinct design language. In 2021 we will come closer than ever to that dream. We hope you'll be on board too.

On behalf of The Arcanauts, I wish you a happy New Year!

With kind regards,

Anders Brandt

Co-founder & Chief Designer

Arcanaut, Rungsted Plads 8, 2100, Copenhagen, Denmark

e: anders@arcanaut.dk


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