These Conditions of Sale apply to any sales of Arcanaut products or services that you may order from Arcanaut Group ApS (hereafter Arcanaut), using the website www.arcanaut.dk, e-mail communication or through physical points of sale (hereafter Sales Channels). By placing an order, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the terms of which are incorporated into these Conditions of Sale. If you do not agree to these Conditions of Sale, then you will not be able to order any products or services through the Sales Channels.

Section 1: Customer service policy

We are watch nerds and sell to watch nerds, and we want to have a nice community where people can share their passion for watchmaking. We love everybody who also loves watches - but we don’t like people who ruin the passion for others.

Therefore we reserve the right to disregard and expel people with bad behavior from our channels, cancel or refund their orders and don’t do further business with them.

Section 2: Anti-flipping policy

Watch flipping is not cool.

We reserve the right to refuse doing business with anyone we deem to be watch flippers based on the criteria below. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchasing a lot of watches of the same model for no discernible reason.

  • Reselling a watch even before delivery.

  • Selling a watch at an increased price within the two week return period. We hope all of our customers like their watch, but if they don’t, they have options other than reselling.

Section 3: Orders and pre-orders

  1. All orders are subject to final validation by Arcanaut.

  2. Payment is accepted via Stripe which accepts Visa and MasterCard. Upon request we can also accept payments via bank wire transfer in certain cases.

  3. We want to deliver an absolutely stellar product. That means that sometimes watches may be delayed due to a number of circumstances. In such cases, Arcanaut will inform you ASAP and offer you the option of returning your payment in full.

  4. Orders are considered accepted once full payment has been received in full, and after this, regular cancellation ceases to be an option. However, since we believe that watches and wearers should fit together, we offer the right of all our customers to return the watch within two weeks of delivery. For details see ‘Returns’ below.

  5. Arcanaut reserves the right to refuse an order for reasons including, but not exclusively, non-clearance of payment, shipping/import restrictions of the destination country and ordered watches being out of stock.

  6. Pre-order deposits can be cancelled for a 100% refund at any time up until the time of full payment. In the unlikely event we are unable to deliver a product at all, a full refund will of course be made.

  7. Sometimes, events beyond our control could disrupt our delivery schedules. While do everything in our power to be on time, such a delay is not considered a complete failure to deliver, and a cancellation due to a delay is considered customer initiated and only eligible for a 50% refund. If the delay is more than six months, however, a full refund will be available.

  8. The Arcanaut brand is all about experimenting, so we reserve the right to continually update, change and improve our products.

  9. If an order cannot be accepted, any payments made will be refunded in full ASAP.

  10. For the convenience of both customer and seller, Arcanaut stores records of all sales transactions for a minimum of the watch’s warranty period. 

  11. The order contract is concluded in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the language of the contract is English.

Section 4: Shipping, customs and import

  1. All products will be shipped worldwide via a carrier of Arcanuat’s choosing, with insurance and tracking. 

  2. The carrier will be able to require a form of authorisation at delivery from the buyer or a representative of the buyer, from whence responsibility for purchased goods passes to the buyer. 

  3. The buyer or their representative’s signature on acceptance of the shipment is considered evidence of the date of delivery and order fulfilment by Arcanaut.

  4. Taxes, customs levies and import duties etc. are not included in the price of the product, unless you buy a Arcanaut product inside the EU.

  5. Such taxes, customs levies, import duties etc. are the responsibility of the buyer, not Arcanaut.

  6. Other restrictions may apply. If shipping restrictions apply, a full refund will be given.

Section 5: Warranty, service and repairs

  1. Our watches have a limited warranty regarding mechanical defects. The duration the duration of which is 2 years.

  2. This mechanical warranty does not include problems arising from mishandling, since this falls outside the normal definition of use. If you have questions about the whether or not something is safe for the watch, don’t hesitate to e-mail us about it.

  3. Our watches are not user serviceable, meaning that we do not guarantee mechanical function of the watch or water resistance if the watch case has been opened or in any way tampered with by the customer or any other party not affiliated or approved by Arcanaut , and this will void all warranties. 

  4. Wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. This extends to any external coatings or treatments to the watch case, crystal, crown as well as the buckle.

  5. If parts are no longer available, we reserve the right to replace the watch or the relevant components with ones of equivalent or greater value.

  6. Outside the scope of the warranty, an owner can request watch service or repairs, but this will be charged based on an estimation by Arcanaut. Arcanuat will inform the customer of this cost estimate, and should the owner refuse to authorise Arcanaut to undertake the work, the watch will be shipped back at the owner’s cost.

  7. In the event of a warranty claim or service request, please email us at info@arcanaut.dk for a Service Authorization (SA) form, which includes shipping details. 

  8. For warranty work, the cost of shipping to Arcanaut is covered by the owner, and the owner likewise has the responsibility of the package during transit to Arcanaut. Arcanaut can however, at the owner’s request, undertake the enterprise, which will be invoiced separately from the charge of the watch work.

  9. For out-of-warranty service, the costs of shipping both to and from Arcanaut are paid by the owner.

  10. You may return the watch to either Arcanaut in Copenhagen or to one of our service partners - for details, please contact us.

  11. Under certain circumstances, if the damage is extensive enough, it might not be economically viable or possible to repair a watch.

Section 6: Returns

  1. Watches may be returned in unused and unworn condition complete with the original packaging, with the watch still sealed and packed, and all accessories supplied (including all straps and buckles, Arcanaut tags, and protective coverings) included within two (2) weeks of receipt of the original shipment for a refund minus return shipping fees. 

  2. All sales are final after the two (2) week period.

  3. Please email us at info@arcanaut.dk for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form. All returns must be accompanied by this RMA form unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. 

  4. Arcanaut will provide the customer with a prepaid return label and arrange for insurance during transit at the customer’s expense. 

  5. Customers may choose to arrange for return shipping on their own. Under these circumstances the responsibility of the watch during transit is the customer’s alone.

  6. If we find the watch to be in a used condition or incomplete, terms of return have been violated, and we will not accept the return and will contact the customer to have the watch re-shipped at the customer’s expense.

  7. Arcanaut will refund a customer within two (2) weeks upon receipt of the returned good(s) using the same means of payment used for purchase. Upon the customer’s request a refund can be made in the form of store credit to be used for future purchases at Arcanaut.

Section 7: Law and venue

  1. These Conditions of Sale shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law. Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or related to the Conditions of Sale, including the validity, invalidity, breach or termination of the Conditions of Sale, or to any product purchased from Arcanaut through the Sales Channels, should be settled in The City Court of Copenhagen. 

Arcanaut reserves the right to update these policies at our discretion and as deemed necessary. The latest version will supersede all preceding versions (except for duration of warranty for a specific watch which is fixed at time of purchase).